Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolls! New Dress, Hair and Hat for my 21 Inch Sweet Sue Walker Doll

You might recall the 21 inch Sweet Sue Walker doll that I got at an auction last year. She was sorely in need of a makeover. Well here she is wearing her new dress, which is pattern McCalls 1983 from the 1950's. I made the pink dress, the hat and I am just working on the coat.

This is the back view:

To recap, this is how she looked when I got her:

As you can see, I changed her wig to a much better one, but it is still not like the one she would have had when she was made. There is a very talented lady on the internet who sells replacement wigs that she custom makes to each doll, but it would have ended up costing me more than the doll cost in the first place.

It is the eyes that bother me the most though - the previous owner put these terrible blue cheap looking ones in, and they are nothing like the beautiful eyes that were used on these Sweet Sue dolls. I am going to make inquiries about having better eyes put in, but that will depend on the cost.

Finally, here is a photo of her in her new hat. The pattern did not call for any interfacing, but I used some iron-on on the brim. If I made it again, I would line the part that fits around her head, and possibly interface that too.

I will post photos of her coat when I finish it, and the story behind that gorgeous red wool crepe fabric that I used.

1 comment:

McNallys said...

She looks perfect now! Beautiful dress! I also love seeing the pattern illustrations.

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